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What is pro bono?

The free legal services offered to the public for their betterment and good future is known as the pro bono. This is an English word that states something done for the public good. In several countries it is being practiced by the high end professionals and companies who are capable of giving free legal aid or any other commercial service. Skilled people like doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers etc can be a part of the pro bono services.

This service is only given to those who are unable to afford the fee given in exchange for survival facilities. In India this facility has been started so far by various firms and that is why KK associates also stands on the top niche. We are significantly approaching people in different sectors of the cities in India so that no one can remain deprived of the legal justice or support.

The strengthening of the communities and social responsibility are two main factors which we strongly believe should be attained while working. Our main objective and responsibility is to extend support and work with the NGO and give them the social help that is necessary for the healthy survival. Our employees volunteer for giving and sharing their physical strength with the charitable organizations. The pro bono services are given to the below poverty line people, marginalized and disadvantaged people.

Hence, KK associates are maintaining the power of team work by enforcing policies to help people who are helpless via pro bono service schemes. Thus, it is a legal service that is given to the disadvantaged people or communities in the form of legal facilities. No cost for drafting documents, legal research, or legal education is acquired in monetary terms by them.