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Intellectual Property Rights


Patent lookup, portfolio administration, patent validity, patent ability evaluations, infringement, preparing and prosecuting domestic and worldwide utility patent, design and style patent and so on.


A Patent is an unique proper granted by government, for limited period in opposition to the disclosure of an invention by the inventor. Below the attribute of Patent, the helpful functions of a approach or merchandise fulfilling the checks of novelty and creative measures are safeguarded. Additionally, the major requirements for security are that the patent to be registered has to be new, non-clear and able for industrial application.

The application for patent registration can be in the title of person or in the title of organisation exactly where or for the inventor operates. Currently being a jurisdictional correct the applicant requirements to file application in the respective place. Underneath the patent Co-operation Treaty, the inventor can just take PCT route to post patent application in his residence place and later on, he can go in advance with patent software in other nations. This is named as entry into National Section PCT Patent Application. Overseas inventor can file patent application for grant of rights in India by first of all filing application in his home place and then by submitting application in India inside twelve months from the date of submitting in his residence country.

From the day of submitting the exclusive rights granted in India to the inventor of new products is for a period of time of 20 several years day of submitting. Patent is granted for goods such as Foods, Medication, Drug and Chemical products permitted. Patent is also granted to a Pc Programme possessing combination with hardware for its technical application to market that satisfies definition of an creation. After submitting of an software ordinarily it is not open for public till eighteen months from the day of filing of application or from the day of precedence, whichever is previously. After revealed it gets open up to general public.


  • The Patents Act, 1970
  • The Patents (Amendment) Act 2005
  • The Patents Rules, 2003
  • The Patents (Modification) Guidelines 2005

Steps for registration of Patent

  • Search
  • Submitting of application prior to the proper Registry
  • Software for publication, Assessment Registry
  • 1st Assessment Report,
  • Compliance with all requisites and objections raised by the controller inside 6 months from date of 1st Examination Report, by the applicant
  • In pre-grant opposition for grant of Patent, opposing get together can depict on constrained grounds within three months from the date of publication of application
  • Hearing ahead of the controller of Patents,
  • Registration. Grant of Patent will be printed by the Controller and the application, specification and other paperwork will be open for general public inspection.
  • Submit grants oppositions, inside of 1 year of grant


  • Consultancy
  • Patent searches including FTO Queries,
  • Prior artwork queries,
  • Feasibility reports
  • Infringement examination
  • Drafting and filing of patents, prosecution
  • Strategic licensing, assignment

Search of Trademarks, provider marks, certification mark, their software, opposition, validity, management, of trademark programs such as defending logos, safeguarding against counterfeiting. Submitting of marks in India and other nations. Emblems assignments and licensing.

Trademark Registration in India

Logos can be registered for logos, brand name names, audio, shapes, images, trade dress, packaging, a internet site, and anything at all else that can be graphically represented. Securing exclusive manufacturer name and building its value for the products or services that your business offers is crucial. Lawfully trademarks, brand names are essential to be secured to safeguard goodwill of your enterprise. Strategically designed brand title and trademark surely generates great benefit for the enterprise and certainly benefits the industrialist in the prolonged phrase. Model names are registered in various classes of items, companies and textile marks as specified in 4th Timetable of Trademark guidelines, 2002 (Annexure I). An personal, organisation, partnership company, who promises to be the proprietor of the trademark can use for its registration for items as properly as companies.

The application is submitted just before the Trademark workplace under whose jurisdiction the principal place of the organization of the applicant in India falls.

In scenario, the principal location of organization is outside India, then the application can be filed ahead of the Trademark office below whose jurisdiction the business office of the lawyer appointed is found. The registered trademark is valid for 10 many years and thereafter can be renewed for further ten years on payment of approved charges and the application is to be submitted in approved format.

Advantages of securing Trademark are

  • Identification of company.
  • Generation of good will.
  • Simple to assert correct on the mark, in situation of any dispute
  • Creation of manufacturer value
  • Can demonstrate a strategic asset even though escalating organization.

Steps for Registration of Trademark

  • Search
  • Submitting of application ahead of the Trademark Registry obtaining workplaces at various locations in India
  • Assessment by Trademark Registry
  • Objections raised by Trademark Registry if any
  • Reply to Objections
  • Listening to ahead of the Trademark Registry
  • Publication in Trademark Journal
  • In scenario of any oppositions- opposition hearing or Registration of Trademark


  • Indian Trade Mark Act 1999
  • Trade Marks Guidelines 2002


  • Consultancy
  • Handling a portfolio of national and global trademark
  • Registration and renewal of logos
  • Opposition & Rectification of Emblems
  • Assignments, Licenses & Agreements

Registration, Defense, Guidance in case of infringement. Advising matters which includes literary, spectacular, musical, artistic functions, cinematographers (films), Photos, Cartoon and Sports characters, Pc Software program, live performances, phonographs Broadcasting, media regulations and many others. Licensing and Assignment of Copyrights, anti-counterfeiting and piracy issues and associated civil and prison litigation's.


In India, copyright security is awarded to unique Literary, Dramatic, Musical, Inventive Works Cinematographic Films Sound recordings and Laptop Plans. The Indian Copyright Act 1957 governs copyright security in India. India is signatory to the Bernie Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention. The Central Copyright office is at Delhi.

It is not mandatory to claim copyright but virtually it is valuable in legal proceedings to create the right and especially in the fits for infringement of copyright.


  • The Copyright Guidelines, 2013

Steps for registration of COPYRIGHT

  • Submitting of software just before the proper Registry
  • Assessment by the place of work
  • Assessment Report
  • Compliance with all requisites and objections elevated by the place of work
  • Hearing
  • Registration.
  • Solutions


  • Consultancy
  • Agreement drafting,
  • Licensing, assignment and safety,
  • Franchising
  • infringement proceeding, lawful enforcement from piracy
  • thanks diligence
  • Conducting audits

Search of Design, Registration, Protection Assignment and Licensing of Style and relevant guidance. Opposition proceedings and infringement litigation.

Industrial Design and style

Safety to designs, patterns, composition of colors, strains and designs of any report, machine, and creating aesthetic worth to the post that can only be visually judged are some of the products which arrive below Industrial Style registration. The corporations/ people obtaining machinery, industrial posts and equipment's obtaining exclusive, distinctive, novel style, pattern and appearance and design and style, can utilize for its registration beneath Indian Layout Act, to limit other people from copying or duplicating them. The Style Business office is situated at Kolkata. The Design Registration is for the length of fifteen a long time. The purposes can be regular software and convention application The design and style registration confers distinctive legal rights to the applicant for the specified layout in the class in which the design is registered.

In case of infringement, an owner of registered layout can choose for civil litigation whereas the Design Act does not provide Felony remedy.


  • Types Act 2000
  • Layout Modification Guidelines 2008

Methods for registration of Design and style

  • Filing of software just before the proper Registry
  • Evaluation by the business office.
  • Evaluation Report,
  • Compliance with all requisites and objections elevated by the place of work
  • Hearing
  • Registration.
  • Solutions


  • Consultancy
  • Contract drafting,
  • Licensing, assignment and protection,
  • Franchising
  • infringement proceeding, legal enforcement against piracy
  • thanks diligence
  • Conducting audits

We look for, Planning and submitting of programs, renewal, Oppositions, Licensing and Assignments, issues relevant to infringement and passing off, investigations and associated civil and prison litigation's.

Geographical Indications

The Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 together with the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Defense) Policies 2002, enforced with result from September 15, 2003 offers the registration and far better security of geographical indications relating to goods determined as agricultural, all-natural or made or handicraft or industry merchandise which includes foodstuff stuff. The merchandise ought to have definite origin from a geographical territory specified in the application. These products should have track record, a specific top quality or other characteristics originating from that territory. For the registration, the indications have to drop inside the scope of section two(one)e of the Act. The period for registration is for ten several years and thereafter it can be renewed.


  • The Geographical Indications of Items (Registration & Safety) Act, 1999
  • The Geographical Indications of Products (Registration & Protection) Policies, 2002

Measures for registration of copyright

  • Filing of application before the proper Registry with requisite documents and in specified structure
  • Assessment by the business office
  • Examination Report, and present result in discover
  • Publication in Journal
  • Opposition to registration
  • Listening to
  • Registration.
  • Providers


  • Consultancy
  • Drafting,
  • Infringement proceeding, lawful enforcement against piracy
  • Due diligence

We research for the availability of an Area Identify and Registration, Resolving Area title disputes underneath Uniform Dispute Resolution Coverage (UDRP), NIXI for disputes.

Negotiating agreements for transfer and licensing of technologies, and drafting and imposing technologies ownership, non-disclosure and non-opposition agreements. Agreements Drafting Litigation Companies, PCT(Patent Co-operative Treaty), IPR Valuation, securing Trade tricks, defending IC Layouts, security of Geographical Indications, Parallel Imports, Unfair trade techniques, Technologies transfer, Franchising, Anti-counterfeiting, Joint venture, Fixing web relevant dispute sand disputes and portfolio administration.

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