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LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing)

LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing)

The method of providing legal services has now transformed and shifted to the online standards so that businesses could get the biggest outcomes and IT strategies could meet the maximum effective approach in terms of people, Consumers, clients and latest technology; the process of outsourcing the legal services has augmented a lot in past few years. By doing this, many companies are able to gain legal facilities across the nation at different locations. More than the legal activities and their outsourcing, KK associates bring in notice to the clients that they are also dealing with enormous services like- legal research, documentation, review, commercial drafting and its analysis.

We are one of the most influential LPO firm in the city because we are able to offer versatile services under the one roof. Many firms have hired us till date for the legal services and we are the flexible legal department set up in our own premises, but work for them. We monitor each and every activity through our systems and audits so that we can maintain the document work as well as legal formalities of the client’s firm time to time.

Hence, Legal Process Outsourcing has dramatically transformed the shape of the legal professional aspects and efficiently reshaped the model of the professional so far. The trend of LPO has gained popularity in the modern society because it prevents traditional robust methodologies of the legal actions.

The benefits gained by using the LPO system are-

  • It has prevented the legal liabilities
  • Gave transparency to the cost base cases
  • Ally with the businesses and support goals of the client’s firm
  • It is highly cost effective as companies give legal cases and its proceeding work to the outsourced law firm so that maximum savings can be done in best possible time frame.
  • The cost in hiring different lawyers, paying them on regular basis and the need to maintain a complete new legal department has almost eliminated.
  • Flexibility of work and availability of the services whenever required is the basic advantage gained by the clients after using the LPO system.
  • Enhanced efficiency is another foremost benefit that you can avail at KK Associates. The repetitive work schedule is automated by using the digital software system as well as low cost professionals is hired for specific tasks whenever required.
  • Rather than hiring legal secretaries, LPO firm hires time based attorneys who are licensed and handle the particular cases in time.
  • Optimization of the costly resources is also a significant benefit that you can after registering a LPO firm as it does not take regular fee for each court hearing or invest in high cost market resources, instead it focus attention to the self handling of legal paperwork.

Patent services

Looking for the patent service provider in town? Then KK Associates is the one stop solution firm which consists of versatile professionals who are dealing regularly with the cases and work of patent drafting and its application services. The job of portfolio management, its analysis and patent filing application processes are effectively executed within the said time boundaries.

Intellectual property litigation

The services like trademark, copyright management is provided by us instantly after registration of the application. There is a continuous support provided by us to the clients who have enrolled for the litigation cases. In order to track compliance, superior legal investigation services are given for building management system. Thus, preparation of forms, registration and ongoing compliance is done by our well qualified and registered legal professionals.

Real estate services

The KK associates have a bayonet experience in the real estate cases. We are ready to offer services for the contract management so that help can be conveyed legal for the real estate business client. We organize, make index and tabulate documents of the different real estate client projects. Where to buy, when to buy and whether the place is disputed or not, are some issues that are considered and supported by the lawyer’s team at KK Associates effectively.

After consulting with the client, KK associates professionals validate documents for conformity. Moreover, asset purchase transactions support is handled by the experts while online title research done proficiently.

Foreign language services

The KK associates owner, Mr. Kamal Khandelwal is a certified language translator. Consist of staffs who are offering services for multi language reviews. He is fluent in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Japanese and other popular languages. However, the search if over for the credible language translator in town as KK associates brings the versatile language services under one roof. Nowadays, global trade system is taking heights because of which the need for multiple language experts is felt. In order to make a business strong enough, hire the best legal and business development firm in India i.e. KK Associates.