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About Us

The enormous legal formalities and their undefined hectic procedures have a sure shot solution and i.e. accessible at the KK Associates. The KK stands for the identity known as Kamal Khandelwal. He is a reputed lawyer and the management graduate in the marketing as well as Hr field. He has added the honor to its education by accomplishing the degree from one of the best institutes in India.

We are not only serving the elite class group of companies, even facilitating people who are under the poverty line, unable to fight legal cases and need legal research support anyhow.

We have been serving the industry since more than a decade and now establishing our roots in the online portal for better approach and sustainability in the market amongst clients. There are various services which are being given each year in hundreds and thousands of ratios in India. You can avail all the services by choosing the right firm and i.e. KK Associates in Hyderabad. Reach us anytime from anywhere across India to achieve mental peace, justice and smooth business operations.

Our Vision

We are established with the mission and vision to enhance the public growth, business development and overall performance of the citizens while dealing with the legal aid. Our focus is to achieve the top niche amongst the law firms in India with the aim of giving legal services to the clients for simple and happy survival.

The chief vision followed by our lawyer are-

  • Committed towards the performance and outcomes
  • Innovative as well as have the ability to lead the legal junction era
  • Get legal services anytime, anywhere and for all purposes
  • The existence of the KK Associates is because of the dynamic legal knowledge and knows how. The independent approach, competence and integrity of the attorney make it significant for a client to avail our services. Thus, within few years our firm has attained a credible niche and very well known amongst the businesses, corporate levels of Hyderabad. For the sustainability in the specific operational sector, our firm is ready to be a resourceful part for the international companies. Hire us for confronting the utmost difficult legal challenges and overcome without struggling hard while concentrating on the job.

    Our vision is focused towards the development of the society where people are living crime free, have no stressful days because of the incomplete legal document work and each one of you are able to standardize living style and comfort.

    Our Mission

    The main motive of our firm is to provide help and legal aid to the clients who are struggling with fields such as DGFT i.e. Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. By using the eminent values and trustworthy principals, KK Associates aim at achieving the 100% satisfaction of its clients. Besides, legal activities and their stupendous approach for clients, we are also dealing into the corporate services like marketing of agro products, business development and the translation of English and foreign languages.

    In order to achieve high professional and personal values, KK Associates use the best tools, knowledge and latest updates. Due to so much work pressure and legal aid requisition, it has become vital for us to use the foremost expertise knowledge. We value the competence, work pattern and professional attitude and deliver the exact solutions to the clients. Being the top firm in the city, we do not forget to understand and hear our client’s main issues. We always welcome clients to our regional office for resolving their queries and maintain the mutual relationship so that no confusion can prevail in between the work being enforced by the professionals for the client’s benefit.

    Therefore, our main mission is to be the highest ranked legal firm in the city with the 100% client satisfaction rate which can only be possible if the trust we maintain is augmented throughout the nation.